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site in Sweden. AML/KYC goes after wBTCb, you do not have to worry about. How fast are payments approved? Be the first one in your country who provides cash solutions for BTC. Bitcoins have great properties for consumer transactions. How can I see a listing of my sales? Trades on the exchange incurred a commission (fee). Than money is paid. Most Bitcoin payment processors assume all exchange rate risk on the. For less formal transactions, a simple mobile phone wallet app can accomplish the same thing. Intuitive interface means zero training.

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Our client keeps bitcoins safe all the time. We do not hold any Bitcoins of our clients. P2P exchange, worlds most secure Bitcoin Exchange. To buy Bitcoins a shop assistant just scans the code and receive money. Existing cash register or a simple web browser can be used. Merchant tools with USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, YEN exchange: BitPay, a more comprehensive list of available shopping cart interfaces can be found at the. Trade limit 100 1,000 EUR. Contact for other bank transfer options. How does it work?

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