ludwig van bitcoin

works/worked for the world bank, which is a political institution, not a financial one. Superfan of cryptocurrencies and kibbles. And politics is responsible for all economic crises in bitcoin-rahaa keskitetty the past. So cryptocurrencies like BitCoin are a way out for the people. For instance: some people seriously maintain that the free shopping trolley tokens businesses sometimes hand out, can transmit your location to unwelwilling persons/criminal gangs.

Failed states are keen to know where the people are, In case the people might plan to gang up on their overlords. (As has been proven by the Wall Street Crash and the tragedies of Greece and to a minor extent, Portugal). Other people sincerely publicly call for a ban on BitCoin, because it is a danger to the economy, according tobl.g. Seize their bank account. Just like they are for Venezuelans who are victimized by the communist junta that has devalued the Bolivar to the point oglf econonic ruin. Problem is, that Joseph Stiglitz cannot bitstarz bitcoin be trusted, because he is a politician. Stiglitz is a former employee of the world bank, a political organisation.