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have the local alcohols that are quite alright but tend to give you a massive hangover the next day: Sang Som and the like. Here are some samples of price difference we found on that day: Bank USD:.35 Booth USD:.63. If you are on budget you can change just what you need for the taxi and a bit of extra cash bitcoin miner windows 10 until you reach the best option: changing in the streets. There is one near the beach in Patong (search for Loma Park) and a few restaurants right on the beach with a very good value breakfast such as Chez Bernard.

Tel Fax: 66 (0), moblie: 66 (0) email: email protected. Is losing that much money the end of the world?

I m going to Phuket in a couple of days time and was hoping someone could tell me the best place to exchange money from AUD to THB? I m staying at Kathu. Phuket Money Exchange, Phuket Currency Exchange, Best Rate, Good Rate, Special Rat e, in phuket town, Currency Exchange, Super Rate! Phuket Money Exchange, Phuket Currency Exchange, Best Rate, Good Ra te, Special Rate, in phuket town, Currency Exchange, Super Rate!

The problem, and why we dont talk about it right away, is the remote location in the suburb of Phuket Town, making it quite inconvenient for tourists to reach. We urge you not to smoke but local cigarettes are much cheaper (Krong Thip, SMS, Wonder) On the long run, your throat might become painful! While rates at samourai bitcoin-rahaa these locations arent as good as at their main locations, theyre still far more competitive than what you would get at a bank. Without any fees, and in an ideal world, youd get 33,000 baht for a 1,000 currency exchange. Shop at Super Cheap, not a well-known tip: If you really need to buy something from the convenience stores, avoid 7-11 and Family Mart. Add the 220 baht withdrawal fee and your left with 32,450 baht. You will find the coins come in: 1 Baht 2 Baht 5 Baht 10 Baht 25 and 50 Satang, the Notes are: 10 Baht (Brown) 20 Baht (Green) 50 Baht (Blue) 100 Baht (Red) 500 Baht (Purple) 1000 Baht (Brown make sure you read. But when carrying a lot of cash with you, avoid crowded places like buses and trains, nightlife areas, and other places popular with tourists. However, dont do it with a credit card because youll be hit with withdrawal and cash advance fees, which will end up costing you even more money.

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