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a bulk deal. FAQ Contact bitcoin kiinnostaa Us Terms of Service (Dec 31, 2014). So cloud mining is bitcoin mining factories that allow you to buy shares or whatever in return for bitcoin profits. Please share in the comments section. One bitcoin has 10,000,000 satoshis.

So decentralised means that bitcoin (and most other cryptocurrencies) is not under any country. I suffered from analysis paralysis too in the beginning. Edit: There are legit cloud mining companies. See the video below, its an eye-opener.

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OK, I understand about bitcoin self- mining and the slow profit, but I still want to do it The information in this section has been kindly provided by captminer, who have been mining bitcoins in Malaysia since 2013. Not recommended, but if you want to do this, do it in public space, preferably near a police station or something. Yup, politeness does nothing when it comes to money. Just google them and many should pop. Sell at Luno (note: referral link; Get RM5 if buy/sell more than.1 btc Coinhako (note: referral link; Get RM15 if buy/sell more than RM300) or other bitcoin exchanges. Miners will also need to know that there are other variables that will affect the potential profit, such as downtime, miner management, bitcoin prices, what to do once upon successful mining, equipment breakdown, spare parts, rental for dedicated space, and more.