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Community, It is time for us to let Multibit. No Chargebacks, unlike credit cards, there are never any automatic voids, refunds, chargebacks, or other unexpected fees. The addition of SegWit in the coming weeks will mean the Multibit software has fallen still further behind.

CVE ) which can cause a Bitcoin node to crash; this also affects Bitcoin Gold nodes. A vulnerability has been recently discovered (. Bitcoin Cash is resistant to political and social attacks on protocol development.

It is part of a series of). Multibit was a fantastic piece of software in its time, and we want to thank the Multibit developers for such an important contribution to Bitcoin's history. It's decentralized, voluntary, and non-aggressive. At the time, the engineers who originally built and supported Multibit had announced that they would no longer be working on it or providing support. Bitcoin Cash offers more privacy and anonymity than traditional payment systems like bank transfers and credit card payments, since it's normally impossible to know who controls a Bitcoin address.